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Hi folks,

As per request, here is the setlist from Andrew's solo set at the Horseshoe on April 29. The entire set was dedicated to "JC".

"Handsome" (folky new one or cover)
Energy of Death
Baby, You're in Luck
I Summon You (Spoon cover!)
National Anthem of Nowhere
"Chances?" (another folky new one or cover)
No No No (dedicated to John Crossingham)
The Rat (The Walkmen cover)

It was a solid set. Come to think of it, this entire set was almost entirely made up of love songs (exception: National Anthem of Nowhere). I wonder if that's a trend that continues on the new album.

Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming
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Alrighty people, babymellowdee just shared an awesome mp3 so I thought I'd pitch in as well!
A couple months back, I posted news that Apostle Of Hustle was contributing a track to a "kids" music compilation. You can see the post HERE. Anyway, well, they did and so I thought I'd post it here. It's called See You On The Moon! and it's got a lot of wicked stuff so you should definitely go out and buy it when it comes out (sometime this month, I think). Anyway, the track is called "24 Robbers" and it's quite good. Warning though, it's NOTHING like Apostle Of Hustle as a band. 'Very electronic and slick. But fun to listen to in any case!
Enjoy guys! Have a wicked March Break!

MP3 Apostle of Hustle - 24 Robbers

Also, if you're interested, I happen to post a fair amount of music like this and more on my LJ so you're welcome to tune in there or add me if you like. 'Sort of a little mp3 blog of sorts since I feel no other desire to do anything really with my account. Cheers!
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mice parade
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i'm in a sharing mood & since this community is quiet lately...

Andrew Whiteman & Dave Wall
MP3 - I Guess We'll Never Know

Walt Whitman was basically some tapes toessed around with Andrew & Dave (who was also in Bourbon Tabernacle Choir) Anyway, in 1999 there was a CD released in very limited quantities called TOO BAD I CAN'T GO MORE SIDEWAYS IN VELOURLAND You should recognise the lyrics from this track. Enjoy :)

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Sorry if this isn't new. My boyfriend went to the Apostle show on Feb 2... and talked to Andrew a few times. He said he was going into the studio this March in Montreal & he isn't working with Dave Newfeld. I'll post pictures of the show if anyone is interested.
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"FilmCAN presents... Issue 5 fundraising launch with performances by:

APOSTLE OF HUSTLE (Andrew Whiteman) and Dave MacKinnon from the FEMBOTS
Thursday February 2nd @ The Social (1100 Queen St. W), Toronto.
doors: 9pm / $7 (proceeds to bands / FilmCAN) / 19+

The show is being staged to celebrate the launch of FilmCAN's 5th fantastic issue - which will be live at http://www.FilmCAN.org on February 2nd - AND to raise some much needed funds for the continued operation of Canada's newest film periodical.

Please come out for this intimate show and support FilmCAN. For more information visit us online at:
http://www.FilmCAN.org "

Hey guys, I bolded the 19+ because that was the biggest hit for me (I'm only 17) and I'm sure a few others here will be extremely disappointed. Anyway, to those who can go, aren't you lucky!!! It's going to be awesome. Dave MacKinnon is very cool as well.
P.S. I'm going to try and upload a whole CD worth of unreleased/live AoH material soon -- you know, so the people who couldn't grab it last time have another chance. Be patient! See ya later people.
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Presents! Just a couple small ones, anyway. This is primarily for mywhitenoise but of course, it's here for anyone who wants it.
In the linked ZIP file, you will find MP3's and M4A's of the following non album songs... (Some are live, some are not.)

Wristwatch of the Shepherdess
Rafaga [live at Catherine Studio North]
National Anthem of Nowehre [live at C.S.N.]
Sebastian [live at CBC Radio 3]
Shaharazed [from that weird little video on the homepage]
Wedding Song

+ a bonus half hour set Andrew played in Vienna recently! It's not bad but I uploaded it too because it has an unheard/new song at the end of it (approx the last 4 minutes) I've dubbed as See How It Goes.

Non-album Songs!

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m83 - In the Cold I'm Standing
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If you didn't catch it elsewhere, Apostle of Hustle is going to be on a new kids compilation CD.
For information go here:

Pitchfork News...

In brief, the track they are contributing is listed as follows...

Apostle of Hustle (feat. The Husky's): "24 Robbers"

Interesting to say the least!

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Alias - Again For The First Time
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In the spirit of "does anyone have x they can send me" ...


I've been trying to get this for a while. I even ordered it from some "out of print CD" website but it was never sent to me (I'm curious now as to whether my credit card was charged...) and then I talked to some guy on the broken telephone message board but he said he was a strictly solid media guy so MP3s weren't an option and then I just sorta lost contact with him. I'll probably get desperate and email him again one day.

Anyway, does anyone know where this CD can be obtained? I should have asked him at the last show, bah.

MP3s would also suffice.

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Hey people... I have a question/request for all 26 of you; does anyone have an MP3/M4A of the song "Wristwatch of the Shepherdess" they'd be willing to upload? It's a bonus track on the LP version of Folkloric Feel and apparently also got on some alternate A&C samplers in the past half a year. Anyway, if you guys have a link or would be willing to YouSendIt it, I'd be very happy!
In return, I have something pretty sweet comin' up in a little bit. :)


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Alright, so maybe this was a bad idea. I don't see why though right now considering I still can't get over that fact that no one made a community like this before now. I mean, jeez! Bands like The Most Serene Republic have one but not Apostle of Hustle?? Simply crazy.
Anyway, welcome, welcome. Do what you will. For anyone who thinks Apostle Of Hustle is "old news" or something like that since there hasn't been too much activity on its front compared to the other A&C acts, think again. The new album is in the works and Andrew Whiteman (he's the lead guy for all you 'n00bs') himself has said he expects it to be out by next September. That may seem like a long time but when you consider all the crazy stuff that the collective Broken Social Scene is doing right now, it's kinda reasonable.
Well, enough blabbering. As a token of....whatever, I present to you a ZIP file of a very recent recording of solo Andrew (with a loop pedal) playing 2 new songs (great stuff) and an awesome rendition of "Baby, You're In Luck".
Have fun.

Andrew Whiteman @ Catherine Studio North (in M4A for iTunes)

Oh, and as an update, HERE's the videos of the performance from above + a mediocre performance of "Animal Fat".
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Calexico/Iron&Wine - Burn That Broken Bed
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