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We Kings & Queens

For those with the Folkloric Feel

Apostle of Hustle
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Welcome to the Apostle Of Hustle community!

This is a space made for the band since, for some wacked-out reason, there is as of yet no exclusive AoH community here on LiveJournal!

So not a lot to it -- just join and post something. Save the introductions unless you must since no one REALLY cares. If you have some insightful thoughts on the band that might mix nicely into something like that then of course, go ahead. Do whatever you want, just keep it fairly relevant and interesting. If you're new to the band, I would suggest checking out the Official Website link above where you can find some background on the band and streaming audio of the band's only album to date, Folkloric Feel. Anything else you can either find in this community (once it gets going) or at the Arts&Crafts forum, Broken Telephone.

Go crazy.

Your friendly moderator,